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Media Recruit for Candidates

We understand that searching for a new job can be stressful, and even more so if you have recently been affected by redundancy.


Here at Media Recruit, we treat everyone individually and compassionately. We know that no two stories are the same and we help you based on your particular skills, experience, and life situation. We listen to your needs and will always aim to provide fair and honest advice and feedback to help steer your career path in the right direction.


Please take a look at some of our job search tips and suggestions below.  


Your Profile

One of the most important starting points is to have your LinkedIn profile up to date.
However, it's not just about having your career history correct.  LinkedIn is a very powerful platform to help connect you with employers and recruiters, who are currently hiring for exactly the type of job you are looking for.  So knowing how to make your LinkedIn profile work for you is a key advantage.

  1. The trick is to think of LinkedIn in the same way as Google search.  Your profile needs to sing out the right keywords, so that your profile is top of the search results for hiring managers, talent acquisition teams and recruiters, looking for people exactly like you. 

  2. Make sure your Skill slots on LinkedIn are utilised to show all the right skills you have that are relevant for your next role. Don´t waste the Skill slots on things like Excel or Time Management, because these are probably a given.

  3. Use your About You section to talk succinctly about the job title and type of job you do and that reflects the next role you are looking for.  One paragraph here is plenty.

  4. Lastly, if your job search is public knowledge, put your Open to Work banner on.  It really helps, especially for those companies looking to hire urgently.


Follow these steps, and you´ll have people calling you, rather than having to apply for countless jobs. 

Remember, some of the best jobs don't even get advertised, especially in a market where there is a high number of candidates competing for a low volume of open positions.

Lastly, base your CV on your LinkedIn profile.  Forget the fancy templates and stick with a plain Word or PDF format, so that software applications can easily read them and don't mess up the content.  Don't include a photo, your address, date of birth or hobbies as these can lead to unconscious bias in the hiring process.



It can often feel very difficult to reach out to people for help, but letting your network know you are looking for a new role, can be one of the greatest ways to connect with companies and find out about new roles.

In times of high unemployment, it's not unusual to see messages on LinkedIn and social media platforms where people politely ask for help, connections and introductions for the types of roles they are looking for.

When you do this, you will find that your network is immediately very supportive and will try to help where they can.

So you may need to swallow some pride, start sending messages to your network and if you´re feeling brave enough, post something about the type of role you´re looking for next.

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If you are out of work, once you are over the initial shock of finding yourself in this situation and having taken a breather, one of the very constructive and positive things you can do, is learn some new skills or brush up on some rusty ones.
There are some good free courses available, and YouTube can be a great source for media sector podcasts too.
If you can afford to get some new media and advertising certifications under your belt, these help your profile stand out too.

Have a think about your knowledge around SEO, paid search, programmatic, the adtech landscape, generative AI tools, data privacy, cookie deprecation, connected TV, digital OOH, retail media, virtual product placement, content creation tools.
There are always hot topics and trends in the media and advertising world, and adding new strings to your bow is never a bad thing.

Media Recruit have partnered with Ted Jordan and are able to offer course discounts through our partnership.  Click here for more details.

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